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Most Prominent Son - Lekkoboy Remix

par Oh Tiger Mountain | Remix by Lekkoboy



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Setting: Sonic mind-expanding exploration of emotion’s magical intensities ⊕

Instruments: Analog synths, Homemade FX, rarities, tapes, laptop, drums, guitars, dream :
Juno’s, Dark Energy, Prophet 12, DX’s & VST Synth, DEP, EHx MAX MSP Space Baby FX, Drums, Supersonic guitar

Genre: electronica, psychedelic, trip-hop, experimental, meditative néo psychedelia twistedkneecore

Personel: Max & Max

Studio: Written recorded & produced @ Black Virgin Studio ⊕

Location: Black Virgin Studio, near Avignon, France / -> World

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Psychedelia is the result of exploring life’s magic and drama in form of music and dance to it.


There is no boundaries but there is intention and ultra geared up sonic surfboard…

Sonic features

Punchy’n’groovy drums to twist your knees to, Sub bass intergrooving, explorative synth & crazy visual sounds, thematic leads to make your way in, multi-dimensional spectrum

Body and Soul

A music engaging both Body and Soul






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