LOGOTAG - lekkoboy


Setting: Sonic mind-expanding exploration of emotion’s magical intensities
Instruments: Analog synths, Homemade FX, rarities, tapes, laptop, drums, guitars, dream :
Juno’s, Dark Energy, Prophet 12, DX’s & VST Synth, DEP, EHx MAX MSP Space Baby FX, Drums, Supersonic guitar
Genre: electronica, psychedelic, trip-hop, experimental, meditative néo-psychedelia twistedkneecore
Personel: Max & Max
Studio: Written recorded & produced @ Black Virgin Studio

Psychedelic : Psychedelia is the result of exploring life’s magic and drama in form of music and dance to it.
Experimental : There is no boundaries but there is intention and ultra geared up sonic surfboard…
Sonic features : Punchy’n’groovy drums to twist your knees to, Sub bass intergrooving, explorative synth & crazy visual sounds, thematic leads to make your way in, multi-dimensional spectrum
Body and Soul : A music engaging both Body and Soul